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Benzoyl chloride

Product name Benzoyl chloride
Molecular formula C7H5ClO
C A S   No. 98-88-4
Molecular weight 140.57
Structural formula IMG_256
Quality Index
Item Qualified product Excellent grade
Benzoyl chloride % ≥   99.0 99.5
Trichlorobenzene % ≤ 0.10 0.05
Benzoic acid % ≤ 0.20 0.10
Benzoic anhydride % ≤ 0.50 0.35
Physical and chemical properties Benzoyl chloride is a colorless liquid with a pungent odor. Soluble in ether, chloroform and benzene. With water or ethanol gradually decomposed to produce benzoic acid or ethyl benzoate and hydrogen chloride. Melting point -1 ℃, boiling point of 197 ℃, density 1.22, flash point 72.2 ℃.
Uses Benzoyl chloride can be used as raw material of organic synthesis, dyes and pharmaceuticals, the manufacture of initiator dibenzoyl peroxide, t-butyl peroxy benzoate, pesticide herbicide benzenazone intermediates. In the case of pesticides, the novel inducible insecticides are intermediates of isoxazolphines. Benzoyl chloride is an important benzoylation and benzylation reagent. Most of Benzoyl chloride is used to produce benzoyl peroxide, followed by the production of benzophenone, benzyl benzoate, benzyl cellulose and benzamide and other important chemical raw materials, and benzoic acid and Benzoyl chloride reaction can also produce Benzoic anhydride, benzoic anhydride is the main use of acylation agent can also be used as bleach
Product packaging 200kg plastic barrel, 1000kg/1250kg plastic barrel, tanker 25 tons.

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